Change-the-Date Cards for weddings

Weddings are the most joyous occasion in any couple’s life but at the same time the organization of the Big Day can be quite stressful. One of the early important decisions to make are the invitations, they already set the mood for the style of your wedding. In times of a worldwide pandemic sadly many couples had to make the difficult decision to change the date for their wedding. That is a very hard decision to make and unfortunately it also involves a lot of organizing. One of the first things you should do is to let your guests know – they have probably been wondering about it anyway.

When do you need a Change the Date Card?

Postponing a wedding is almost as work intense as planning one – cancelling the venue, the band, the flowers – the list seems endless. And the last thing you will have time for is to contact every one of your guests to let them know. At the same time, it is important to inform your guests early on as they will also have been making their preparations – from travel arrangements to presents and outfits. A Change the Date Card can save you a lot of time as it contains all the information, not just about the cancellation but also about your plans going forward. It does not matter if you have finalized your plans for the postponed wedding or are just postponing indefinitely for the moment. Just let your guests know in style – and soon!

What information should you include

The basic rule for the content is “as much as you know”. The more you tell your guests the less questions they will ask. If you have a new date and location than the Change the Date Card basically becomes the new invitation and has to include everything your guests need to know – and do not forget the RSVP! If you have a new date but are not sure about the location, then your Change the Date Card is more in the line of a Save the Date Card – again do not forget the RSVP! If you have not got a date and are postponing with no further plans at the moment make it quite clear that you will send a Save the Date as soon as you know any more. If you are not sure what and how to design a Change the Date Card, we have created a few examples for you in our online shop to give you some ideas.

Digital version

Even in the age of digitalization having a beautiful invitation in paper form to look at and remind you of the upcoming wedding is something that most people really cherish. And the same applies if you are sending a Change the Date Card to announce the details of the postponed wedding. Your guests will always appreciate a stylish paper invitation. But they also appreciate to be informed soon so it is a good idea to send out an electronic version of your Change the Date Card ahead of the actual paper card. If you are postponing your wedding without any plans for the future, you could consider sending just a digital version and once you know more move back to paper cards for the Save the Date. Just remember that some of your older guests might not be digitally equipped enough to receive and open the digital version!

How to design a Change the Date Card

Just like the Save the Date Card or the actual invitation these cards give your guests the first glimpse of the style your wedding will be held in. If you are planning a vintage wedding the card should have a definite vintage vibe to it. And this thread should then carry on through the whole wedding stationery all the way to the Thank You cards. The good thing about Change the Date Cards is that you already have a design. If you have designed the cards online, you should be able to access the original design through the same website and just change the content. Most online or physical shops do not have a specific category for Save the Date Cards, but you can just change the text of your original card. If you designed your card with the help of a wedding stationery shop, they will be able to help you to create a Change the Date Card in the same style as your wedding invitation – again it should not take them very long.

But of course, nothing is stopping you from changing the theme – maybe you have been planning a beach wedding but had to move your date to the latter part of the year and now you are having a vintage wedding in a barn. Let your guests know about the change and emphasize it with a vintage looking Change the Date Card.

What are the most popular styles?

Choosing the theme for your wedding is very important, fun and nerve racking at the same time. But if you can decide early on it helps with a lot of the other decisions – dress code, decoration and last but not least with the stationery. There are several styles that lend themselves very well to weddings.

  • Vintage
    The romantic but down to earth vibe of a rustic or vintage theme is the perfect combination for a wedding. In our shop you can find various designs with that vintage look to choose from.
  • Romantic
    What could be more romantic than a wedding! If you chose a romantic look for your stationery, for examples a floral design or pastel colours, that will always match any wedding theme. The advantage is that if you have not chosen a theme for the wedding yet, a romantic Change the Date Card leaves you free to choose the theme later!
  • Floral
    There is simply no wedding without flowers. And a floral design for your stationery matches any theme that you have chosen or will chose in the future for your wedding. Have a look at our shop to find a floral design that matches your style.
  • Modern and simplistic
    Probably not the first words that you would use in connection with a wedding, but it can look very stylish. You can use embossed printing to give the stationery some texture. And again – it gives you the possibility to change decide on the theme later on.

It is never easy to postpone a wedding – neither emotionally nor practically. But by sending a beautiful Change the Date Card to your guests you are making a very clear statement that the wedding is not cancelled, and you and your guests have something to look forward to.

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