Keep your guests up to date

Use your Change-The-Date-website to inform your guests about your new wedding date. And share the most recent information if you had to postpone your wedding.

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Easy Customization
You can customize your change the date website easily with your own pictures, texts, colors and fonts.
Update at any time
You can update your website at any time with the latest information. This is especially important in insecure times if you might have to postpone your wedding.
Online RSVP
Your guests can directly respond via the online RSVP. The RSVP form is highly customizable and can include fields for anything you need to know.
Secure by default
It is possible to secure your change the date website with a password so that only invited guests can see the information and can RSVP.
It's free
Yes, that's right. While we are developing further features it's free for anybody that registers today. In the future we plan to sell add-ons. There are no hidden fees!
Easy to use
Create your change the date website in just a few minutes. No technical skills required!
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Add all relevant information

Share all relevant information about your wedding with your guests and update it at time. Is the date not final yet but you want to ask your guests to save the date already? No problem.

Customizable RSVP form

Ask your guests for an online RSVP to collect all responses in one place. By customizing the form and adding your own question you get all the information you need.

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Add your photos

You can upload photos from previous events like your bridal shower to your change the date website to share those moments with your guests. It will shorten the waiting time until your new wedding date! :)

Private by default

All information on your change the date website can be protected by a password so that only invited guests can see those information. In addition, all traffic to your website is encrypted for maximum security.

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Works on any device
Our change the date website is optimized for mobile and desktop devices.
Save Money
You do not need to pay for the cards or stamps, just send the link to your website to your guests.
Ready in a few minutes
It takes only a couple of minutes to set up your change the date website.

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